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Ocean Lab

The data acquisition software OceanLab 3
is an 'easy
-to-use' package for HYDRO-BIOS systems with these main funktions:
- pre-deployment system set-up
- real-time control of the complete system
- real-time
data acquisition
- post-deployment data download
- d
ata processing, data visualization
- data storing and da
ta export
With OceanLab 3 you do not have to think about data
storing any more.
There is no way to forget to sta
rt recording because when connected to a HYDRO-BIOS system OceanLab 3 automatically stores the real-time measuring data into a disk file. With OceanLab 3 there is no need to handle configuration files. OceanLab 3 is completely configured by the HYDRO-BIOS system and just offers modules, functions and calibration coefficients necessary to control theactually connected system  .

Further information can be found in the operating instructions. The software is available for download free of charge and can also be tested as a simulation - without a connected device.